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Folake Adeoti

Folake Adeoti is a 23 year old, who grew up in Ogun State, the daughter of a new age pastor who headed the local branch of one of the biggest churches in the country. The family was comfortable but not wealthy. After spending her childhood getting in a lot of trouble for mischief and not being ‘holy’ enough, Folake learned to play the game. She knows how to put up the good girl front in front of her family. While away from them, although she would not exactly be described as a bad girl, she definitely enjoys having fun and exploring experiences.

She prides herself on being a proper ‘naija girl’ and gets irritated by people like returnees or people who she considers to ‘western’.

The youngest of six kids, she is a little spoiled and used to getting her own way and this has also carried on with make attention where, even if she is not necessarily interested in a guy, his lack of interest in her, or his attraction to another girls, makes her feel challenged to prove she could get him if she tried.

 She loves gossip and her mouth often gets her into trouble.

Played By – Omowunmi Dada.

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