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Mama Africa's ever-changing hairstyles

This Wednesday, we celebrate a woman who has not only caught our eyes, but also snatched our hearts; Ms Yemi Alade.

17 May 12:02

With painstaking consistency, our ever delectable Voice coach has risen to stardom and fame over the years not only within the shores of Nigeria, but across continents. Her sultry singing fused with a healthy dose of ‘Naija Speak’ has endeared her into the hearts of millions of fans worldwide and into our hearts as well.

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Yemi Alade has garnered immense fame from her unique singing style and voice and has always left her fans in awe with her trend setting fashion statements reflected in her outfits and hair-dos. “Mama Africa” as she is now fondly called has never put a foot wrong when it comes to wearing her hair. I no particular order, here are five stunners she's rocked in some of her music videos.

In the music video for her monster hit “Johnny” we see Yemi Alade sport what would ultimately become her trademark hairdo. A ‘mo-hawk’ inspired hairstyle with a healthy dollop of her usual sassiness.

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We see Yemi Alade spotting a Blue pony-tail hairstyle that compliments her sculptured face and outfits in the music video for her song “Pose”.

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Yemi Alade switches it up a bit by spotting a ‘bob’ style hair-do in her music video for the hit song “Tangerine” ft Selebobo.

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Yemi Alade keeps it fresh with some curls and gold highlights in the video for “Get Through This” ft Mi Casa.

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Yemi Alade gets her hair braided up into a tilted bun for her shots in the “Tum-Bum” video.

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It doesn’t matter if she wears her hair in a ponytail or a bob or whether she curls it up a bit or dyes it blue, one thing everyone will agree on is that Yemi Alade earns her spot as our ‘Woman Crush All Day Every Day’. Let us know which look you love the most in the comments below and don't forget to tune to Season 2 of The Voice Nigeria to see our newest coach in action!

Season 2 of The Voice Nigeria premieres on Sunday 18th June at 20:00 CAT on Africa Magic Showcase DStv Ch151 and Africa Magic Urban DStv Ch153.

In the meantime, stay in touch with us on our official Facebook Fan Page as well as Twitter and Instagram.

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